2020 Pandemic Protocol and Undertaking


2020  Covid  Pandemic Protocols

Campers are required to
follow theses safety Protocols

Download the one page PDF for printing HERE: NWWS-Camp-2020-Covid-Protocol

Campers need to sign the Camp Covid-19 Undertaking
Download the one page PDF for printing HERE: COVID-UNDERTAKING-2020
Very useful to download these documents and SIGN the Undertaking BEFORE coming to Camp.


NWWS Camp 2020 Covid Protocols

1. Masks

Camp Directors will wear masks in boat and other circumstances that involve potential close interactions with people. Boat operators will wear masks for boat trips with passengers.

Campers are asked to bring their own masks for the boat trip and wearing them in the boat will be a requirement – including children.

2. Sanitizers

Alcohol spray for surfaces – Stu and Anne will order bulk from local pharmacy (this has been confirmed that the pharmacy will make up a supply for us)

Camp will supply a limited number of 32 oz bottles to keep in the boats and hang up at the outhouses. Hang these on nails etc out of reach of small children.

Campers are asked to bring their own hand sanitizers and also spray hands before using any boats / canoes etc.  A small supply of personal hand sprays of 70% will be available for campers to use. Scented or chemical products are discouraged (outhouses / canoes / tables etc).

3. Radio

Campers are asked to wear a mask when speaking in to the radio – and we will spray the radios with alcohol solution

4. Lifejackets 

Campers are asked to bring their own life jackets whenever possible. Camp lifejackets will be available and sanitized as possible.

5. Protocol Undertaking 

All campers will be required to sign an additional protocol Undertaking to affirm they are not ill or symptomatic or quarantined. They use Camp at their own risk and understand the Camp cannot prevent possible virus transmission. No disputes about Covid 19 will be permitted in camp. Campers will follow the camp protocols for distancing, hygiene and safety.

NWWS Camp 2020 Covid
Camper Protocol

In addition to the regular NWWS camp waiver, we require the following to be acknowledged and signed by all campers in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The NWWS is not responsible for COVID-19-related illness that may arise from either using the camp or facilities before, during or after the stay. The camp will follow provincial guidelines for camping and day use and in addition campers must agree to the following:

I (We) the undersigned agree that:

I (We) or any member of the party signed below are not presently experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose or sore throat. If I or any of my party does become ill with such symptoms, I (We) agree to pack up camp and leave as soon as we can.

That if I (We) have been asked to Quarantine for 14 days that I am not using NWWS camping for this purpose.

I (We)  agree to the following and to  follow hygiene and social distancing guidelines as outlined below:(Note: parents are responsible to guide their dependents)

  • No disputes about COVID-19 protocols will be tolerated in camp.
  • Directors will not mediate disputes between campers. Campers may be asked to leave camp  if:
    – A camper disregards the NWWS camp guidelines or additional COVID-19 guidelines
    – a camper becomes ill with fever and cough.
  • Campers agree to practice social distancing provincial guidelines (2 metres or 6 feet) from people who are not in your camp inclusion or agreed family bubble.
  • No potlucks (shared communal food) with campers outside inclusion bubble.
  • Gatherings may be enjoyed with physical distancing of 2m/6’ from each other except intimate inclusion groups.
  • Campers will not create or use communal saunas.
  • Campers must wear a mask when entering the utility shelter and sanitize any tools they use.
  • Campers should try to use only one assigned outhouse.  (Individual toilet paper for each site/family is recommended. )
  • Campers agree to santize the toilet seat before and after use, and to sanitize or wash their hands after the use of outhouses.
  • Campers will spray tables and benches with 70% alcohol solution before vacating camp.

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