Fry Creek/Birchdale Wildfire

September 10, 2022

The EOC from RDCK has contacted us to ask that we let people know that there is an area restriction in the Fry Creek / Purcell Wilderness Conservatory area – just in case people were thinking of going to the area. This means all walk in and boat in access to the whole area. As an aside, the update on the BC Wildfire of note page says the firefighters were camped at Fry Creek overnight to protect the area. I’m hoping they were welcomed by our camp tables and biffys. If any information is received by BC fire or RDCK – we will post if not already in public domain. Thank you – Jakalin on behalf of the NWWS board.

BC Parks Area Restriction notification HERE

September 8, 2022

On August 25 a wildfire started from a lightning strike on the mountain slope between the NWWS Fry Creek property and the community of Birchdale. The fire has grown significantly in the past 2 days and the RDCK has issued an evacuation alert for properties in the area, including the NWWS property. The evacuation alert can be viewed HERE.

The RDCK Evacuation Order and Alert page can be found HERE.

The BC Wildfire Service Active Wildfire page for the SE Fire Centre is HERE.

Please check the the above links for updates and accurate information about the fire.

September 8 Evacuation Alert Map
September 8 Wildfire Map