Hiking From Camp

Several trails lead from the camp. One heads north – 3 km back to the Johnson’s Landing. Another heads south – 3 km to a small settlement. A third heads east up the steep Fry Creek canyon toward the rugged peaks behind the camp.

Hiking in Surrounding Mountains

From the parking location there are number of roads and trails leading up into the surrounding mountains with spectacular views of jagged peaks, glaciers, and meadows.

Up the Fry Creek valley, the Camp backs on to the Purcell Wilderness a large pristine Park.

Before leaving camp for a hike, even a day hike, leave word for the Camp Director about where you are going and when you expect to return.

Selection of 2011 Move and photos


The camp has several canoes with paddles and lifejackets for campers to use. Exploring the coastline is a favorite activity. All campers must wear lifejackets when paddling.  Many campers bring their own canoes or kayaks to enjoy the lake.  More info here


The mouths of the stream flowing near the camp provide good fishing for rainbow and dolly varden trout and Kokanee salmon.

Licenses are required and are available at various stores around the area. Both the creek and lake are good for several varieties of trout.

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Sunbathing, swimming in the lake, building cairns, and playing on the tripod swing.

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Wilderness is run by volunteers. Campers help each other carry their stuff when they arrive or depart. And there are always other tasks which make life better around the camp.

Protecting wild beauty

Wilderness is kept in an unspoiled state – there are no cottages, electricity, running water, or telephones. Appreciation of nature is the order of the day.

Wilderness offers both solitude and community. Campers come in families, couples, and singles. All are welcome who are willing to enjoy this special place and abide by our guidelines.


Wonderful wilderness camping on Kootenay Lake in southern British Columbia. Tenting, hiking, paddling, wilderness!