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Fry Creek/Birchdale Wildfire

September 10, 2022

The EOC from RDCK has contacted us to ask that we let people know that there is an area restriction in the Fry Creek / Purcell Wilderness Conservatory area – just in case people were thinking of going to the area. This means all walk in and boat in access to the whole area. As an aside, the update on the BC Wildfire of note page says the firefighters were camped at Fry Creek overnight to protect the area. I’m hoping they were welcomed by our camp tables and biffys. If any information is received by BC fire or RDCK – we will post if not already in public domain. Thank you – Jakalin on behalf of the NWWS board.

BC Parks Area Restriction notification HERE

September 8, 2022

On August 25 a wildfire started from a lightning strike on the mountain slope between the NWWS Fry Creek property and the community of Birchdale. The fire has grown significantly in the past 2 days and the RDCK has issued an evacuation alert for properties in the area, including the NWWS property. The evacuation alert can be viewed HERE.

The RDCK Evacuation Order and Alert page can be found HERE.

The BC Wildfire Service Active Wildfire page for the SE Fire Centre is HERE.

Please check the the above links for updates and accurate information about the fire.

September 8 Evacuation Alert Map
September 8 Wildfire Map

Message from our NWWS President

Clementine Hiltner, President and Chair

April 20, 2021

Dear NWWS members,

We hope you have been keeping well during the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. This last year has undoubtedly been a difficult time for many members. Surely, we are all looking forward to another season at the lake!

Building Community

This Fall and Spring, the NWWS Board has been focused on ensuring that the camp experience continues to align with our mission and vision for the camp, which is to:

… promote the principles and values of Unitarianism, and to strengthen the bonds among Unitarians, their families and friends, by experiencing community in a wilderness setting…We facilitate enjoyment of this land and are committed to preserving the peace, beauty and essential wildness while protecting it from development so that future generations may continue to draw nourishment from it.

With a growing membership and interest in our camp, the Board would like to ensure that we continue to reflect on our longstanding values and traditions and providing an experience that resonates well for all of us. For me, the magic of camp comes from the beauty and tranquility of nature, the camaraderie and kindness of my fellow camp neighbours, and the warmth of the Unitarian community. While a sense of community has been a tricky thing to build during the pandemic, we hope to retain and encourage this important component of camp moving forward. This summer, if COVID-19 protocols allow, our Board members would like to reach out to members at camp to get your ideas about what makes camp special for you, and how we can continue to support our shared vision for camp.

New! 2 Night / 3 Day stay minimum

Following the 2020 season, it has become clear that our Camp Directors have been taking on a larger role, because of the increasing popularity of camp. With a rise in short term stays and local campers, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure our volunteer Camp Directors are supported to relax and enjoy camp. To this end, the Board has implemented a 2-night (3 day) minimum stay for the 2021 season. I encourage all of us to consider the below opportunities to support the Camp Directors in their boat operator duties.

Let’s work together reduce the number of boat trips required.

Navigating the larger body of water from Schroder’s Creek to Fry Creek, as compared to Johnson’s Landing, presents a higher risk to our boat operator and our campers. It also means more time working for our volunteer Camp Directors, as well as increased fuel and maintenance costs for our camp boat.

NWWS endeavors to keep everyone safe and camp fees down in order to make this magical place accessible to a larger community; but, we cannot do this without your help reducing the number of boat trips. The Board acknowledges that many campers find joy in visiting Kaslo or the hot springs during their stay at Fry Creek, and that those staying for longer periods of time may need additional supplies. If you are in need of supplies, but don’t care to visit Kaslo, please reach out to another camper going on a supply run to get the supplies you require. The Board will reassess closer to the beginning of the 2021 season, in alignment with PHO regulations, the ability to have multiple family units in the boat at one time. If this option is available to us this year, please work with the Camp Director to coordinate boat trips with other campers.

Another helpful way to reduce boat trips is travelling as a family unit, and staying for longer periods of time…after all, who doesn’t need more wilderness? Your help in reducing the number of boat trips each summer is appreciated.

If you are an experienced boat operator, with a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Operator License, please connect with the Camp Director once at camp if you would be willing to run the boat during your stay. This provides a much-needed break for our Camp Directors and is greatly appreciated. As a thank you for your service, there will be a reduction in your camp fees.

Please stay tuned for further updates prior to the 2021 camp season, including updates to signage delineating our property, any updates to our COVID-19 Safety Protocols, and other details to help us prepare for the 2021 camp season. If you have any questions, cares or concerns, please email us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

We look forward to enjoying a safe and relaxing summer at the lake.

Clementine Hiltner NWWS President and Chair