Camp prepping for 2018 season

John and Suzi return AGAIN (hooray!) for 2018


Camp Opening July 1

Camp will be opening July 1 as always. John will be running the boat from Schroeder Creek resort.      Use the Walkie Talkie in the BOX on the side of the BIFFIE in the Parking Lot to call John in Camp.  (photos of said walkieboxandbiffie, coming)

Tell your friends

Intensive research has uncovered the main way new people discover camp: word-of-mouth from people who have camped and loved the experience. Attendance has been slowing with generational change and now there is a need to renew and bring new folks into the community.

Renewing Camp Culture

As generations come and go, camp culture faces the need for renewal, for younger hands and families. Become an Ambassador to help new generations discover the deep joy of wilderness.

This website is your first and easiest resource to tell people about. How to get here! What to Bring! Even the video with some scenic vistas.

The Facebook page helps highlight how we are a supportive community of campers.
Always good to point out:  Facebook: Friends of Kootenay Lake Wilderness Camp.


Real paper folding brochures are ALSO available.  If you would like to give copies to potential campers or interested organizations, please send us an email with a mailing address, and how many you would like and we’ll ship them to you.

Be an Ambassador

Be a Camp Ambassador to help new generations discover the deep joy of wilderness.

Tell your friends, your community, outdoors clubs, your congregation.

Making a presentation to a group is an excellent thing to do and we have resources that can help.

The website: is your first stop.

• a short video you can use:

• Choose a ready-madeslideshow.

• a new updated Handiguide on the website can answer any detail questions

• fees, policies, what to bring and how to get here are all also on the site:

• Ask about the leaflet, and we can send you copies. For this or other resources:

Of course, your own stories, experiences and photos are usually the best way to communicate and generate interest in camping.

New Slideshow from Board Member Scott Tuton.  
Scott has created a slide show that has beautiful images and information that is particularly useful for people in the U.S. who want to visit camp.  It’s a great way to show and tell about the joys of Camp.  You can see it here: SCOTT’S SLIDESHOW

Download a PDF slideshow here. WildernessCampSlideshow4MB

For full Powerpoint  download here on Drop Box.
PowerPoint version:

And you can of course, always use the 3 minute video that’s on the front page of this website:  youtube: kootenaywildernesscamping

If you would like copies of the Wilderness Camp brochure, we have lots.  Email the Secretary with your mailing address:

Wonderful wilderness camping on Kootenay Lake in southern British Columbia. Tenting, hiking, paddling, wilderness!