Camp Safety


Anyone utilizing the camp boat, canoes and paddle boards must wear a life jacket. No exceptions. The camp has a number of life jackets of different sizes. It is strongly recommended that all campers wear life jackets while using their own personal boats, canoes or paddle boards as well.

You are responsible for the safety and supervision of your children. Do not expect other people sitting on the beach to act as lifeguards unless they have explicitly agreed to do so.


The sandy beach is where most children swim. The drop off to deep water changes from day to day, with lake level fluctuations.

The water at the mouth of the creek has a very strong flow. People on floats are vulnerable to being carried far out into the lake.

Black bears are sometimes seen in the camp. Grizzlies stay higher in the mountains and have not been seen at camp.

The rocks by the waterfall are dangerous. Do not climb out on to them.

Very strong winds can come up in less than 5 minutes and can blow down trees and tents and can spread sparks from campfires.


For our safety:

  • Fires must be in designated fire pits.
  • Do not leave fires unattended.
  • Douse your fire thoroughly before retiring or leaving your campsite.
  • Leave burned logs in the fire pit (even if they were doused).
  • Be aware of the size of your fire and guard against sparks.
  • If there is a fire ban, follow the instructions of the Camp Director for the disposal of garbage. The Forest Service can close the camp for any violations of the fire ban. The Camp Director, who is in touch with the Forest Service during a fire ban, will inform all campers when it is safe to resume having campfires.
  • Beach fires are allowed only in the single designated fire area.
  • Fireworks are not allowed at camp.

In case of a forest fire, meet at the community tarp. The Camp Director will lead evacuations, if necessary.

The Forest Service will notify us of mandatory evacuation.



  • Nudity in camp is usually limited to discreet bathing, but there is no rule against it. Please be sensitive to other campers.
  • Do not drive nails or screws into live trees. If you find some trees with nails/screws in them from past campers, please remove them.
  •  Keep noise within your personal space. If you bring recorded music or a radio, either use earphones or keep the volume low enough that it cannot be heard beyond your campsite. If you are asked to turn down the music please do so.
  • From past experience, we cannot allow unaccompanied minors (under 19).
  • Hantavirus has been reported in BC so do not pick up dead mice with your bare fingers.
  • A flat fee is charged for unoccupied sites. Please talk with the camp director for rate.
  • If a campsite will be unoccupied for more than 3 nights, the camp must be dismantled and all effects removed from the site in order that campsites are available for other campers.
  • Motorized watercraft of any description (other than the camp boat) are not permitted at camp while the camp is in operation.

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