How to get here

Kootenay Lake is in southern BC, about 8-10 hours from Vancouver or Seattle, and about 4 hours from Spokane.


The best access to Kootenay Lake is on Highway 3 through southern BC until you reach Nelson or Creston. From Spokane, the best route north is up Highway 2, 20 and 31 to cross the border at Metalline Falls.


One you reach the area you need to go up the west side of Kootenay Lake on Highway 31 to the town of Kaslo, the last stop for all supplies. Continue through Kaslo, up Highway 31, about 15 km (10 miles) to the small resort of Schroeder Creek, where you park your vehicle and contact the camp director to take the boat across the Lake to camp. There is a radio in the Schroeder Creek Resort Office that you use to reach the camp director.



Plan to arrive in mid-afternoon so that you can get to camp and set up in the daylight. An overnight stop at an en route point within 100 miles / 160km of camp will allow you time to shop and arrive at the landing as suggested. If you arrive too late, or if the lake is choppy into the evening, you will need to find alternative accommodation for the night. Campsites are available at Schroeder Creek Resort.



1. Head 15km north of Kaslo to Schroeder Creek Resort. Turn in to Bickel Road and drive to the end of the road at the beach.

2. Use the Camp Walkie to call the Camp Director between 8 am and 8 pm.

The Walkie Talkie radio is in a lidded brown wooden box on the side of the little grey outhouse just a little north of the road, and in the parking lot.

Instructions are also in the box or attached to the radio.

The Camp Director or Boat operator will let you know when to expect the boat.
In good weather it is usually very quickly or within the hour.  The boat will not run if winds or waves are high or conditions are unsafe.

Once the pick up is confirmed unload your gear as close to the water as possible on the beach at the end of the road. (The boat normally pulls in just north of the small rocky point.)


Turn it on to use and please TURN IT OFF when you’re done.

1. Turn it ON.

2. Hold down the button on the side to call WILDERNESS CAMP. CALLING CAMP.

3. After you finish talking about arrangements, number in group and pickup.

TURN IT OFF! and put it back in the box.

It should come up automatically to Channel 9 the one we always use.


3. Tell the camp director that you have arrived and how many are in your party. The camp director will let you know when to expect the boat.

4. It is suggested that you do not unload your gear until the camp director has confirmed that the boat can come to pick you up.

5. Be careful not to drive your vehicle onto the beach at the end of Bickel Rd.—the sand can be very soft, and it’s easy to get stuck. Unload your gear onto the beach. The boat will pull in here.

6. Parking – park your car along the north side of Bickel Rd. at the beach end. If you cannot find space, the boat operator may be able to suggest something.

7. You will need to sign a waiver form that the camp director will provide, before you can get into the boat. You may not need to fill one in if you have a previous waiver form on file.

Please be advised: The boat operation is weather-dependent and daylight only. If the wind and wave conditions are bad, the boat may not be able to come and pick you up right away. If you need to stay overnight at Schroeder Creek, the Resort offers complete camping facilities

Sign the Waiver  Everyone going in the Camp Boat MUST sign a waiver.  Parents must sign a release for their children as well.  The Camp Director will have waivers in the boat, but you can download the PDF, print and sign in advance if you like.

NWWS 2018 Adult Waiver Form.   and NWWS 2018 Indemnification Children.


Wonderful wilderness camping on Kootenay Lake in southern British Columbia. Tenting, hiking, paddling, wilderness!