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Camping at Northwest Wilderness Society is scheduled to open July 1, 2021, in accordance with orders of the Provincial Health Officer. Our priority is providing safe access to campers and maintaining the safety of our camp directors.

 Required Camp Pandemic Protocols

What campers need to know about camping pandemic safely at Wilderness.   There are some important expectations, campers must pay attention to and respect.

Read the Protocols HERE.      
Download a one page, printable PDF of the Protocols NWWS-Camp-2020-Covid-Protocol

The Camp Protocol Undertaking

In addition to the usual waiver, everyone coming to camp must sign an undertaking that they are not sick, infected or quarantining when they come to camp and that they will conform to the safety expectations in Camp.
It can be useful to download and print this COVID-UNDERTAKING-2020  before travelling to camp,  and sign it, if you like,  in advance.  Everyone will be required to sign one of these undertakings BEFORE getting in the boat to come to Camp.

Download a one page, printable PDF  COVID-UNDERTAKING-2020.
We ask that campers take careful note of provincial travel guidelines, which can be found at http://bcparks.ca/Covid-19.


Our 54th Season

Created by Unitarian leaders in 1966 camping in this special place has been a bonding experience for families and friends for generations. Celebrating peace, beauty and community in nature again this summer.

Use the walkie talkie to call the boat

Call the Camp Director when arriving at Schroeder Creek Resort (see How to get here) the Walkie Talkie to call the Director for the boat is now in a wooden box on the side of the outhouse (biffy) in the  north section of the parking lot, just above the beach on Bickel Road).  Make sure to turn off the radio and put it back after you use it. We are asking everyone using the radio to wear a mask, and sterilize after use.

Want to spread the love of camp?
(We would like you to!)

Word of mouth from people who love camping at Wilderness is far-and-away the best promotion of the experience. Tell the people you love, share the joy. If you are interested we can provide you with brochures, slide shows and all you need to do a display or a presentation to you church/community or even friends.   Email us: info@kootenaywildernesscamping.org.   Or you can find material on this website.

Support Camp for future generations
NOW via E Transfer!

Now you can donate online easily with an E-Transfer… send a note with your transfer code to the Treasurer at: nwws.treasurer@gmail.com. Then send an e-transfer from your account. Remember donations give you a charitable tax credit in Canada.

Share your photos on the Camp Facebook Group.

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Join the Wilderness Camp Facebook community at “Friends of Kootenay Lake Wilderness Camp”. There are already lots of great photos posted.  More stories and photos much appreciated.

Wilderness Camp on Youtube

Watch the youtube introduction to KootenayWildernessCamping here:

The Northwest Wilderness Society runs the camp in the months of July and August. The camp director and camp boat provide fast motorized access to pristine camping. With dozens of possible camping sites along the beach, campers can be as alone, or as social, as they like. Hiking, swimming, fishing, and paddling the camp canoes are some of the usual activities. There are also frequent fireside sing-alongs, occasional potluck dinners, many kids and families, and NO motor vehicles, motorized watercraft or loud canned music.

Wilderness Camp was begun in the 1960s by a small group of Unitarians as an undeveloped camp and retreat. The affiliation with the Unitarian Church continues and many Unitarians camp here, but there is  no religious affiliation necessary for campers. All are welcome.

The mission of the Wilderness Society remains the same, to protect this special place in its natural state and to make it accessible and safe for the camp months of July and August.  It is not necessary to be a Unitarian member to experience the Wilderness. People of all faiths, or no faith, are very welcome in camp.

All about Camping in Wilderness

Updates for the 2021 season will be posted soon

Wonderful wilderness camping on Kootenay Lake in southern British Columbia. Tenting, hiking, paddling, wilderness!