Northwest Wilderness Society of the Unitarian Church

Wilderness camp

A place of community 🏕 loved for generations


Summer Camping 2024

Wilderness Camp is open each summer in July and August. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis and require a 2-night, 3-day minimum stay. Sites cannot be saved, transferred, or reserved, but there are plenty of sites available so come join us this summer.

Activities at Camp

Hiking, swimming, fishing, and paddling the camp canoes are some of the usual activities. There are also frequent fireside sing-alongs, occasional potluck dinners, many kids and families, and NO motor vehicles, motorized watercraft or loud canned music.

How camp community works

Nobody “runs” things. Wilderness Camp has worked well since 1966 with everyone chipping in. All tasks are done by volunteers, including you! Share your skills, talents and passions. When boarding the camp boat, people will be asked about volunteer tasks they can do during their time at Wilderness Camp.

Letter from Board President

Dear Members and Friends,

As a small child I had the great good fortune to be among the very first people of the newly founded Northwest Wilderness Society of the Unitarian Church to camp for a summer at Fry Creek. I was six, and brother was four. Our family slept in a heavy canvas tent made by Sears, and cooked our meals on Coleman gas stoves. We camped on the south side of Fry Creek, just above the highest driftwood of the sandy beach, where the trail into the woods began. My father, Robert, took great joy in building a kitchen from found driftwood and downed tree limbs. We would walk up to the falls below the bridge to watch the Kokanee swim valiantly upstream in the roaring water. Evenings were campfires and bright stars and folksongs, and the Vietnam War and civilization felt far, far away.

It is a pleasure to come full circle some fifty-six years after that first visit, and to be part of the volunteer Board which helps to steward this wonderful place for the long run. 

It is wonderful that the NWWS continues to steward the land and to hold camp each summer all these decades after its founding, and to draw Unitarians and others who share our values to the unique and rare experience that Fry Creek provides.

My primary goal during my time on this board will be to devote time and resources to strengthening our board and encouraging more Unitarians to visit with their families to discover the treasure Fry Creek represents.  My long-term goal is to develop a strategy to sustain Fry Creek for future generations.

Thank you for your consistent support through your membership dues, participation in our AGM, and most of all, by showing up in the summers and continuing the tradition of being in the wilderness with loved ones and friends.

Sincerely, Christian


Our Vision

We are stewards of the land. We facilitate enjoyment of this land and are committed to preserving the peace, beauty and essential wildness while protecting it from development so that future generations may continue to draw nourishment from it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the principles and values of Unitarianism, and to strengthen the bonds among Unitarians, their families and friends, by experiencing community in a wilderness setting.